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Nordic Track Elite 9500 Pro Treadmill Review

Nordic Track Elite 9500 Pro Treadmill

The Nordic Track Elite 9500 Pro treadmill is most likely the best treadmill Nordic Track has ever produced.

It comes with one of the biggest motor in its price range and its running space, warranty, and other features are not so bad either. So all in all, this is one of the best $3,000 treadmill and one of the best folding treadmills this year.

Is This for You?

If you are a serious runner, then this machine should definitely be one of your top choices. It comes with a huge motor which is perfect for those hardcore runs. However, with a $3,000 price tag I'm pretty sure not everyone can afford it. So if you think this machine is beyond your budget then I suggest you visit our best buy treadmills page and look for a unit that suits you best.

What You’ll Be Getting

As I mentioned above, the Nordic Track Elite 9500 Pro treadmill comes with a powerful motor. It boasts of a 4.0 continuous duty motor that has speeds of up to 12mph and can be inclined for up to 15%. And with the 1-touch speed and 1-touch incline controls, changing the intensity of your workout becomes so much easier and faster. So if you're a hardcore runner, then this machine was built for you.

This machine features the popular iFIT® Live technology. You'll have access to and you’ll workout as if you have a personal trainer beside you talking to you. It automatically controls the speed, incline and duration of your workout depending on your personal goals. And if that’s not enough, you also have 24 performance workouts, 4 distance workouts, 4 heart rate workouts and 4 Create and Save™ workouts to choose from for added variety.

Nordic Track Elite 9500 Pro Treadmill Music

This machine also comes with a built-in entertainment system. It has a music port to plug your MP3 or iPod so you can listen to your favorite music while working out. Also integrated on the console is the Intermix Acoustics™ 5.5, this sound system comes with high-end speakers and a subwoofer for a better sound quality. And there is also a 7” flat screen TV with digital tuner built in the console so you can watch your favorite shows while staying in shape.

The 20” x 60” tread belt offers just enough room for you to run comfortably. Plus, it comes with DuraStride™ cushioning which was proven to help reduce impact on your joints from 15% to 33% compared to running outside. And the good thing about it is that it is adjustable so you can alter the cushioning to your liking.

There is also a dedicated Solaris™ LED display which shows you important information regarding your run. And with Solaris™, visual clutter is reduce and comes with perfect brightness and focus making the display easier to read.

Nordic Track Elite 9500 Pro Treadmill Folded

Other features include an EKG pulse grip to monitor your heart rate, SpaceSaver® feature which folds the treadmill vertically so you can easily store it after use, and the CoolAir™ workout fan to help keep you stay cool and fresh during your workouts.

And finally, the Nordic Track Elite 9500 Pro treadmill boasts of a lifetime frames and motor warranty, 2 years parts warranty and a 1 year service warranty. These warranties are decent but they are not the best in its price range.


ust like other Nordic Tracks, the biggest weakness of the Elite 9500 Pro treadmill is its service. It is being produced by Icon which is the largest producer of fitness equipment in the world. Icon has a reputation of poor customer service which is but expected since it is so large with more than $1 billion is sales. Not only that, most of its brands sell entry level treadmills which have short lifespan so you can just imagine how hard it would be for them to please everyone.


I would recommend the Nordic Track Elite 9500 Pro treadmill if you're a serious runner. Also there are rumors that Nordic Track would have this on sale for below $2,000. If that happens this would hands down be the best treadmill you can buy below $2,000 in terms of providing value. But if the price still concerns you, you may want to visit our best treadmill page to look for other quality treadmills.


Cost: $2,999

Motor: 4.0HP continuous motor

Speed: up to 12 mph

Maximum User Weight: 350 lbs

Incline: up to 15%

Warranty: Lifetime frame and motor, 2 years parts and, 1 year labor

Belt Size: 60” x 20”

Foldable: Yes

Heart Rate: Yes

• 24 performance, 4 heart rate, 4 distance, 4 create and save workouts
• Intermix Acoustics™ 5.5 (iPod and MP3 compatible)
• SpaceSaver® with AirLight lift assist shock
• 7” Flat screen TV with digital tuner
• DuraStride™ Adjustable Cushioning
• Hand Pulse Grip
iFIT® Live Technology
• 1-Touch Speed and 1-Touch Incline Controls
• CoolAir™ workout fan
• Solaris™ LED display

Where to Buy Nordic Track Elite 9500 Pro?

If you plan on buying a Nordic Track Elite 9500 Pro treadmill, I suggest you buy from nordictrack You can get it for just $2,999.

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