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Comments for Motor stops after 1 second

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Jan 31, 2018
by: Mike

Found it out it was again the 74hct02 or 74hc02 that broke - replaced it and it's working again.

Jan 24, 2018
by: Mike

I have read that the LED should blink on the lower board when the running belt should move.
But it is not - it is solid on.
Is there any part on the circuit board that I could try to exchange?

Jan 16, 2018
by: Anonymous

Hi, is the FAQ section still maintained?
Thank you.

Jan 07, 2018
Belt moves for 1-second and stops...
by: Jatinah

Hi There,

I looked up the 2011 CT7.1 to reference the lower control board. If your treadmill is older than the 2011 year let me know, although the suspect issue could be similar to both models.

The digital version of the CT7.1 uses a lower control board with a part number of 1000111476 which will have a couple of black connectors at the near front of the board for a console and motor encoder feedback connector pair. Then there will be a larger clear or white connector for the lift motor assembly, and possibly a front roller sensor that may plug into a small connector away from the other connectors but not always used.

When a treadmill shows this symptom, of starting normally for 1 to 2-seconds and then stopping, we often find a bad, missing or broken feedback sensor, usually near the front roller pulley. The front roller pulley has a small magnet that passes a Hall Effect or Reed switch that shows the control board, and/or upper, how fast the front roller is turning. This is mathematically compared to stored values and other feedbacks to verify system speeds and integrity. If we lose a sensor, this is the exact symptom we might see.

Lastly, there are some Horizon "digital" control boards that have experienced a CPU failure on that lower control board, that dis-allows the front roller feedback to register inside the CPU and give this very symptom as well. The only fix for this failure is a factory replacement lower board for about $220.

Good Luck! Post here as this is becoming a good source for servicers and troubleshooting tips.

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