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by grant

Very strong and well built treadmill with long deck to help with stride (149cm). motor pushes me (115kg)with little effort and is smooth and fast to respond to speed changes. well laid out monitor screen and is easy to use and also has "hot"keys for both speed and incline. overall the maxxus sx9000 was great value for a high end machine and feels very solid. we have 3 family members running on this machine 3-4 days a week for 3 years and it looks like new,it is obviously built to take a fair bit of punishment. very satisfied

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Apr 16, 2012
Maxxus cardiomaxx sx9000
by: stevo

I have had 3 treadmills over 2 years and after buying the Maxxus last year it is by far the best built one i have had.

Awesome power that gets to speed quickly and is a real runners treadmill.

I broke the plastic side rails on both of my previous treadmills and the suppiler wanted over $300 to replace which is one of my reasons to buy the Maxxus treadmill as it has the strongest aluminium side rails i have seen on a treadmill which will never break.

I think the Maxxus will last 3 times longer than the other treadmills put together, just wish i hadn't wasted my money on the cheap ones first.

I recommend the Maxxus cardiomaxx to anyone looking for a top quality treadmill as it is much much better than i expected.

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