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Lifespan Pursuit and Pacer

by Jane
(NSW Australia)


I'm in my 20's, around 70kg and 165cm.

I was looking for something to help me shed some unwanted weight about a year ago in 2016.

I couldn't afford much so I shopped around for the cheapest treadmill I could find. I compared prices and found that Dave's Online Deals was the best.

So I watched the videos and agreed to buy the Lifespan Pacer for $359(+$40 postage). Arrived 3 weeks later, got it set up and running but the motor being so small would stop the belt every time you stood on it.

Not to mention the belt size was not ideal if you have a long stride. After trying to explain this to the merchant he told me it was the belt showed me how to fix it but it made no improvement.

I asked for a refund but the merchant said that my lack of comfort was no reason to sent it back and refused the refund.

they told me I could only upgrade which I hesitantly agreed.

so I spent another $399 for the upgrade to a pursuit which they said would better suit me.

Arrived quickly, I get it all set up start with a walk, 10 minutes later I start to jog get in my zone with my earphones in and at 15 minutes the machine jolts to a stop beneath me with no warning.

I avoided serious injury and the blinks ERROR 3.

So I consult the manual which is vague seeing as I don't dabble with machines.

So once again I ask the merchant for help which they don't reply to. so I go above them and contact the brand (lifespan) who were incredibly helpful. the problem was once I got it fixed and attempted to do any speed above 7kpm the belt is unsteady.

after getting it to the correct tightness the belt makes noises because it thinks its too tight. LESSONS LEARNT; before buying a treadmill try the gym first, DO NOT buy online ONLY local that way you can return it if anything happens, if you still think online is best go all out and spend money on the biggest most powerful treadmill out there for your comfort.

I regret buying it and letting them talk me into the upgrade. I wont use it as I cant just zone out, I cant even take my hands off the sides to jog that is how traumatised I am.
thank you for listening.

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