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keys 4500t

by richard cherrin
(wilmington De)

Less than 2yrs old. We have had multi service calls. The leisure finess retailer techs sent to our home have been unable to diagnose/fix the machine. Neither Keys nor leisure fitness have stood behind the warranty. My last call to Leisure Fitness yesterday 11/27/07 resulted in their telling me that there is a $150.00 charge for the first hour of tech service followed by $90.00 for each additional hour of service. I have been frustrated with dealing with both of these companies as well as the performance of the 4500t. I recommend that you not buy products from Leisure Fitness and give wide berth to any machine with a Keys name attached.
Problem. The machine comes to abrupt stops at random times.Will not start again. Totally useless and $1000.00 down the drain.

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