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Ideal Weight Calculator

Using the Ideal Weight Calculator is a good way to help you set realistic weight loss goals. The calculator takes your gender and height to estimate your ideal weight.

Exercising and healthy eating are the best ways to achieve your goals. The two best exercise methods for maximum weight loss both rev up your metabolism: strength training and interval training.

Regular exercise, along with a low calorie, healthy diet is the best way to create the caloric deficit necessary to lose weight.

Calculate Your Ideal Weight Here

Having an accurate measure of your ideal weight is an important part of your overall health assessment. However, your body composition is a much more important measure than weight.

Body composition is the term used to describe the different components that, when taken together, make up a person's body weight. That includes lean tissue (muscle, bone, and organs) and fat. The lean tissue is metabolically active, while fat is not.

Your weight as measured on a scale only gives you limited information. A heavily muscled individual will appear to be overweight if you are going by scale weight only. So use the weight calculator, along with the Body Fat Calculator.

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