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Horizon CST 3.5

by Seamus
(Mount Vernon, IA)

We purchased a Horizon CST 3.5 approximately one-and-a-half years ago (in August of 2006). We are not professional athletes. We have had no problems with this machine, and the customer care has been impeccable. Shortly after our purchase, we had our basement redone, and our contractor accidentally threw out the box with the tools and lubricant in it. When we contacted Horizon to order another box, they sent it free! I also contacted them recently through the web and they replied within 24 hours. My only complaint is that the HR monitor can take up to a minute to find your heart rate. Maybe it’s my hands, or the sensors need cleaning, but I have found this to be a consistent problem since purchase. Other than that, the motor is quiet & consistent, and the electronics have useful workout programs, each with multiple levels of difficulty. We would purchase a Horizon treadmill again.

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