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Health Trainer 502t treadmill

by Carrie
(Waterville, Wa)

I have an older Health Trainer 502t treadmill that is in really good condition, however it recently has started hesitating to stopping during usage.

Now when I get on it the track stops all together.

I have lubricated it, adjusted the belt and still am unable to get the belt going consistently while trying to use it.

The belt works fine until there is any kind of weight added to it then it stops completely.

What can I do to correct this. I really miss using it.

Thank you for your assistance


Hi Carrie,

Thanks for your feedback on your Health Trainer 502t treadmill unit.

Sounds like the unit is at end-of-live. I will recommend you get a local technician to inspect the motor power voltage.

However, i will advice against investing more funds into an aged unit. If it cost more more than USD 90 , then get yourself a good unit.

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