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Great Treadmill For The Price

by Eric
(Belfair, Wa)

I've been shopping online for a treadmill under $500.00 and found this to be the best value, with the features it described. So I bought it at Walmart for $379.00.

This is the third treadmill I've owned, and I really like it's durability and performance. The first one I had was a ProForm treadmill. It lasted 10 good years and sold it to buy a new one. That was a good treadmill and still worked great when I sold it. For a "budget treadmill" it survived some heavy usage (5 miles a day, 5 days a week).

The new treadmill I bought was a Horizon T25 for $375.00. In the three years I owned it, I had to buy a new rear roller and a pulley belt for the motor. When the motor started going out, even though it had a 10 year warranty, I was done with it. I took it to a metal recycling place and got 25 bucks for the the material.

I already like the way this Gold's Gym 450 handles and it seems a lot more durable than the previous one I had. If I could get 10 years out of this one, I'll be happy. And I am a serious runner.

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