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FreeMotion® Fitness SmartRun 2.0 Treadmill

by Cherie
(Frederick, MD)

We have had this machine for less than two months and had problems with it from the start. It will not turn on. The company says to un plug it each day after use which we have been doing. You try to use it the next day and it takes hours to get it going if at all. The treadmill is under full warranty and we asked for a service call because obviously the electronic part is a bad one. Once we got it to go again, this after an hour on the phone trying everything they told us to do. The operator said we can't set you up for a service call if it is now running. That was yesterday, this morning again it will not go on.

Please do not purchase this treadmill. And the best part is that we are not using any of the extra electronic stuff that came with it. All we want to do is get on and walk 30 minutes.

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Jun 23, 2014
Safety switch issue
by: Cary Jones

After 3 years of intermittent startup problems I placed a stronger magnet of the same size on the stop cord magnet.

No issues ever since.

Seems week magnet has been the problem all along.

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