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Don't Waste Your Money

by TA

I purchased this machine brand new and when I got it put together the incline didn't work. I called the support line that was listed only to be told it sounded like the motor was bad. I was asked to pay shipping for a new motor which I declined to do and complained about. After having to haggle with the rep I was told they would waive the shipping fee. The motor they sent me was not the same as the original and the incline still did not work. I called the help line again and asked why they would not send a tech since it was a brand new machine and they declined but told me I could spend more of my hard earned money on their crappy machine. After complaining more about it being a brand new machine and why didn't it work to begin with I was told I could always return it to the place of purchase. I will NEVER buy a product of theirs again!!!!!!

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