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Don't purchase

I purchased the Alliance 950HR OB treadmill about 5 years ago, based on reviews, workmanship, and Made in America.

When it is functioning, I like the unit as it is very solid. However, since owning it, I needed to replace 2 upper control units, the last one I had to purchase for $200. And just recently, I also had to send the lower control board out to a place in FL to be fixed for another $260. To date, the cost is well over $2,600 and the unit STILL DOES NOT WORK ! ! !

I have reached out to Customer Service a multitude of times, all I get is "it's out of warranty, sorry".  Not only that, but the unit is no longer made, nor are the replacement parts.  Is this suppose to be a disposable unit for over $2,000?

Keys Fitness filed Chapter 11 and have downsized and are not willing to help customers if they are out of warranty, hence losing future business.  They are not willing to assist you, even if you are willing to purchase a new unit at a pro-rated cost


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