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by Dasa
(Prague, Czech republic)

Hello from Prague, Czech republic.

I would like to ask you one question about Treadmill T9700. We have a client and she has a problem. Please find below her questions:

Just to recap the problem started when the safety key detached during a run.

This happens by design and has happened many times before but previously I’ve been able to restart the treadmill easily.

Instruction message displaying on screen: "Press User Log in key or choose a program using program quick keys or press start for easy start"

Issues -
1 - I don’t have a User log in
2 - I can choose a program but I cannot select it - see below
3 - I cannot select start - see below

The green, red and blue buttons at the bottom of the screen are not active for some strange reason so it’s not possible for me to select any program or press quick start.

Many thanks for your help!

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