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Comments for Crosstrainer 600 (GGTL59606.0)

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Jan 01, 2018
No Belt vs Fast Start or 1-Sec belt then none
by: Jatinah

Hi There....

sorry to hear of the troubles...

Lets verify a couple of things. Treadmill "starts" but does the main walking belt move for maybe a second?

If the belt moves at all when you press start, does the belt start at a normal speed or does it sound like it is starting fast and shuts off, or does that belt never move at all.

Then, has the unit been moved?

Have all connections and cables been checked for any issues?

If that belt doesn't move at all when you press start, that sounds like a cable, connection or upper board.

If the belt starts for about a second at a normal speed then stops, I might check the small front roller speed sensor that is a small reed switch activated by a small magnet in the front roller pulley.

Look down there and you might see this, make sure the magnet hasn't fallen out.

Finally, if the belt starts into a fast speed then stops, that is usually a lower board issue.

There is a small LED on your lower control board. This light will glow when the treadmill is powered up and ready.

When you press start or go, that light should start blinking at a fairly slow rate, yes?

If that light never blinks or blinks fast right away, that again would lead to a cable or upper board issue.

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