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Is Confidence Power Trac Pro 735W Pink for Women Only?

Apparently, it is not likely that Confidence Power Trac Pro 735W Pink is mainly for women only. After all, it is just a color. What is more crucial is if it is able to provide the benefits expected from it.

Actually, color pink is associated with very good health. Therefore, this treadmill being colored pink can signify good health.

So, why not discover the benefits, features and specifications of this exercise machine? Read on and know more about it.

Is It For You?

Are you willing to pay $219.99 for a treadmill? This is the price offered by Amazon. If you can locate a seller that has lesser price, then you may have a go for it.

But, you must first decide if this is the exercise machine for you. To help you decide, please continue reading my review on it.

This treadmill is very lightweight and can easily be moved around.  It is also a perfect size for most users, even a 5ft 8in tall user maybe comfortable using it.

What You’ll Get

With this model, you will get a machine that has a runway size of 14 inches by 39 inches. The folded arm length is 22 inches.

Measurement when the machine is spread out is 49 inches by 24 inches by 47 inches. When it is folded, the measurement is 49 inches by 24 inches by 10 inches. You can see that it is very slim when folded.

The supposedly weight of the treadmill is 52 pounds, but when it is delivered to you, the total weight would be 55 pounds.

It has a maximum load of 330 pounds and a maximum user weight of 265 pounds.

The color of the machine’s runway and handles is pink while the other parts of the body are white.

The motor is 1 horsepower and 735w which may be sufficient for your exercise requirements.


The wheels on this treadmill should have been larger in order for the rolling become easier and faster.

Also, the print on the booklet for assembly is quite tiny which makes it somewhat difficult to read. So, if you are not wearing your eyeglasses or contact lens, you might not be able to read the instructions fully.

Apparently, even if the treadmill is a combination of metal and plastic materials, it is stable.


The treadmill looks classy, not despicable even if the price is only at $219.99.

It is easy to fold, unfold and move around.

The platform has ample room unlike other types that is either narrow or tiny.

Assembly is not difficult at all. If you follow the instructions provided at the booklet, you can easily assemble the treadmill and know the different important parts.

It is very comfortable and appropriate for daily use. But, if you will run a lot on it, you may need to choose another model though.


This model is very comfortable to use and very reasonably priced considering the many positive features it possess.

If you are ready to buy a treadmill, you may consider this model. Based on the various reviews I have seen about this model and on my own research on it, I can declare that this is could be a fine purchase.

But again, that is my own opinion. The final decision is still from you.


Here is a summary of its features and specifications that you may consider when deciding to purchase it or not.

Foldable Feature: It comes with a folding system which makes it effortless for you to move around and keep the machine.

Electronic Features: This machine comes with 12 fitness programs that are built-in which you may use for your different routines.

It also has a LED display which presents your calories, distance, time, and speed.

Sufficient Motor: It is motorized with a 600w motor which is adequate to support your exercise necessities.

Custom and Pre-set Programs: To supply comfort and simplicity of use, this treadmill is prepared with a 4 pre-set and quick-select speeds.

It also has manual adjustments for 3 various incline levels to make your exercise experience more intense if you prefer.

Safety and Maintenance Features: To ensure that you are safe when walking or running on this treadmill, the manufacturer included an emergency stop clip for safety feature.

Warranty: The warranty for this product is provided by the manufacturer. Therefore, when you purchase this item, you should get in touch with the manufacturer through their customer service to avail of the warranty.

Where to Buy?

As I always advocate, it is still best that you procure Confidence Power Trac Pro 735W Pink straight from the manufacturer.

If there is any concern with your delivery, you may always contact them.