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All About Confidence Treadmills

Confidence Treadmills is one of the brands of Golf Outlets of America located at Henderson, NV.

Actually, Golf Outlets’ initial goal when it was founded was to supply golfers in America and other countries worldwide with the best golf equipment. It is a given fact that golf is an expensive game and Golf Outlets is doing everything they can to make prices affordable for people who wanted to get started and get better in playing golf.

The company manufactures their own brand and it owns many brands that they sell which include Palm Springs and Confidence. Golf Outlets sell their products directly to customers, therefore customers like you are not paying for the cost of shops, agents, and representatives.

The company also has a sister company in Europe and maintains two distribution centers - one in North Carolina and one in Nevada which means the company can ship your products cheaper.

Taking into consideration the above information, you may know and be confident that Golf Outlets of America knows very well about their products and the needs of the customers. Consequently, if you purchase your Confidence Treadmill, you can be assured that you are getting a quality product at a reasonable and affordable price.

Here are some of the popular models for Confidence treadmills that you can check out. Most of their models are reasonably priced as mentioned above and very ideal especially for those who are just starting with their fitness program:

1.       Confidence Power Plus 600W Motorized Electric  Folding Treadmill Running Machine –  Priced at $179.99 with free shipping, 600W power motor, running deck of 38.5in x 14in, Multi function LED display that shows distance, speed, calories and time, good for users up to 250 pounds, foldable and convenient for storing.

2.       Confidence GTR Power Pro 1100W Motorized Electric Treadmill Running Machine –  This treadmill has a motor with 1.5 HP, maximum user weight of 265 pounds, adjustable manual incline, a 7.5 mph top speed, 12 built-in workout programs, and large LED display that shows your speed, time, distance, heart rate, and calories burned, priced at $239.999.

3.       Confidence Power Trac 735W Motorized Electric Treadmill 3 Manual Incline Running Machine – This treadmill is easy to operate with 4 quick pre-set speeds, LED display that shows your speed, time, distance, and calories, with motor of 600w, 12 built-in fitness programs, maximum user capacity of 265 pounds and deck of 14in x 39in.

4.       Confidence Power Plus Motorized Treadmill Pink – This treadmill is ideal for women who are just starting with their fitness program. It has a walking and running area of 38.5in x 14in and maximum user weight of 250 pounds. It also comes with a LED display that shows your time, distance, speed, calories. This is more of a basic running machine and very easy to use for the price of $179. 99.

5.       Confidence Power Walker Motorized Treadmill – With a price of $169.99, you are going to get a running machine that has 500w motor and from 0.6MPH to 3.7MPH speeds, LCD display to show your time, distance, speed and calorie. Maximum user weight for this treadmill is 198 pounds and a running deck of 31in x 11in.

6.       Confidence Power Plus Motorized Fitness Treadmill Running Machine – The folding design of this treadmill makes it easy for you fold and unfold the machine and store. The 600W motor power up this treadmill and enables you to have challenging workouts. The deck area is 38.5in x 14in and the maximum weight for users is 250 pounds. It is reasonably priced at $179.99 considering the features and benefits it offer.

7.       Confidence TXI 1100W Heavy Duty Motorized Electric Folding Treadmill –start your fitness regimen by walking then elevate to running at  your own pace with this treadmill that has up to 12% incline, hydraulically assisted folding and easy to store, suits users up to 308 pounds and with deck size of 47.2in x 15.7in and motor power of 1.5HP. The price of this treadmill is $469.99.