Power Up with Confidence Power Walker Motorized Fitness Treadmill – A Review

How do you use Confidence Power Walker Motorized Fitness Treadmill to power you up?

We know by and large, walking is a good low-impact work out because your feet are ordinarily is in contact with the ground.

Therefore, you may have less chances of having injury. If you intend to indulge in power walking, you may walk between three to five miles per hour.

However, there are occasions when you don’t feel like doing power walking. During this situation that Confidence Power Walker Motorized Fitness Treadmill could be of assistance to you.

Is It For You?

Power walking is simply defined as increasing the pace of your walking to make a mile under fifteen minutes. Then, you should be increasing your tempo without straining yourself over some period.

Confidence Power Walker Motorized Fitness treadmills let you walk looking straight ahead and not on the tracks with good posture.

Power walking on a Confidence Power Walker at a fast tempo while thrusting you arms back to front enables you to achieve full-body workout.

At whatever age group you belong, walking or power walking is still one of the most acceptable forms of exercise.

If you are interested in getting out of the typical treadmill routines, Confidence Power Walker treadmill is able to support your other routine workouts which are more challenging.

What You’ll Get

Confidence Power Walker Motorized Fitness Treadmill is a compact type treadmill specifically designed for light exercise. However, power walking can be accommodated provided by speeds of up to 6 kilometers per hour. Usually, at this highest speed, you are able to enjoy brisk walking or slow jogging. This model is very ideal for easier and lower impact kind of exercise.

The folded up deepness of this treadmill is about 15 inches in reference with the angle of its monitor. Since this is folding type, it can easily be stored and unfolded.

The incline for this treadmill is not adjustable with a highest limit user weight of 198 pounds.

The runway dimension is 31 inches by 11 inches, but the actual product dimension when delivered is 39 inches by 17 inches by 43 inches.

The motor for this Confidence treadmill is 500 watts with speeds between 0.6 mph and 3.7mph. There is as well an LCD display where you can keep an eye on your calorie, distance, speed, and time.

At Amazon, this treadmill is priced at $169.99 with free shipping through Shop 237 USA.


There are no side handles, so you have to hold the front handle. In short, you need to hunch a bit forward when walking or using the machine.

The user weight is quite low. If you weight about 200 pounds, this is not applicable.

Sometimes it would be difficult to make long strides due to the size of the runway which is only 11 inches wide.

The 15% incline is sometimes not conducive for a simple walker.


If you like a compact and lightweight treadmill, this may be the choice for you. It is small and easy to handle or move around.

For an electric motorized walker treadmill, this is regarded as favorably priced in contrast with other low-priced treadmills.

Set up or assembly is very easy and there are available videos on how to set it up that you can utilize.

This treadmill is also good for your pet dog’s exercise.


Confidence Power Walker Motorized Fitness Treadmill is appropriate for you if you weight below 200 pounds and would want a lightweight, easy to fold type of treadmill.

However, if you are going to run on it heavily; it might be better that you try other models.

It is also suggested that you try out the machine before you make your definitive choice. It is always safer if you are able to “feel “the treadmill before making a purchase.


Confidence Power Walker Motorized Fitness Treadmill has the following specifications and features that you can verify yourself better if you try out the product yourself.

Motor:                                                  500 watts

LCD Display:                                        Shows distance, speed, calorie scan                                                                    and time

Incline:                                                 15% permanent

Safety Features:                                   Emergency Stop Key is available

Storage Feature               :                   Folding Type for easy storage

Runway Size:                                        31 inches by 11 inches

Package Size:                                       39 inches by 17 inches by 43 inches

Maximum User Weight:                      198 pounds

Weight of Treadmill:                           40 pounds

Weight of Package:                             44 pounds when delivered

Warranty:                                            Check with Manufacturer

Where To Buy?

You can purchase this treadmill at Amazon. But if you want to maximize the benefits of a warranty, it is best to buy the product directly from the manufacturer.