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Walking on Confidence Power Plus Motorized Fitness Treadmill Pink

Do you dot walking? Would you prefer to do it daily? What happens when it snows or rains? How will you perform your daily walk?

One of the most realistic solutions for being able to walk every day is to walk on an exercise machine such as the Confidence Power Plus Motorized Fitness Treadmill Pink.

On this treadmill, you may start building your workout by walking. Then, you can progress slowly until you are physically healthy and fit.

To discover more about this treadmill, continue reading this very brief review of mine.

Is It For You?

This is the first question you should be able to answer every time you are buying something. Find out outright if the product is for you or not.

To answer if it is for you is to know about the advantages of the product and the target market it was designed for in order for you to determine if it is really for you.

Confidence Power Plus Motorized Fitness Treadmill Pink is intended to help you stride on a treadmill with easiness and comfort. However, that is still relative since there are other factors to be considered such as your weight and your height.

If your weight is over 250 pounds, you might as well look for other model or style.

Are you petite? If you are then this model may fit you. But, if you are tall, then again consider buying another model.

If you are not much into assembly, this treadmill is perfect since it comes almost completely assembled when delivered to you.

A good characteristic of this treadmill is its being folding which helps you save on space and be comfortable when storing it.

What You’ll Get

If you like what you are seeing, you may go to the next stage which is learning about the product description in detail.

The color of this treadmill is pink. However, it does not mean that this model is only for women. Remember that pink signifies good health.

It has a LED display that can show you your calories, time, speed and distance while walking.

Its folding design is very appropriate for easy storage and movement.

The highest limit weight for user on this treadmill is 250 pounds which is excellent enough as a fits-all treadmill.

The package size as delivered is 11.5 by 25.5 by 50.4 inches and the actual size of the product is 11 by 24 by 49 inches.

The total weight of the product when delivered to you is 53 pounds with product actual weight of 49 pounds.

This treadmill is level on the floor and has no slant which makes it relaxing for walking.


This treadmill is not suited for tall people since the treadmill itself is small compare with other models.

If you want to jog and not just walk, the treadmill seems to become shaky.

Few people who used it protested that the belt is not sound to use as it slips, stops and slides which can cause accidents to users.

If you will buy this from Amazon and you have complains. You will have to return it first to the manufacturer at your own expense before they can substitute the product. This is not a good thing since you will be spending some $65 for shipping.


This treadmill’s color is very attractive and it makes you sense lightness when walking on the treadmill.

The price of $189.99 is very affordable compared with other models of similar specifications and features.

It could be a good unit for those just starting with their fitness program or workout.

This is a basic machine without many complications which makes it easy to use.

The folding design adds ease of use and eliminates storage concerns.


Personally, when I have tried this treadmill; I had no issue with it. Nevertheless, there are other users who declared that this model did not perform to their expectations.

I could say that with the price, you may get your money’s worth.  There are times that customers get non-functional units and some do get good ones.

Therefore, the best for you to do is to try out the unit yourself for extended time in order to check it thoroughly.

Make sure that you get a warranty just in case you need to have it replaced.


To help you remember the specifications and features of this treadmill, here is a brief summary:

Color:                                                    Pink

Motor:                                                  600W

LED Display:                                        shows speed, time, distance and                                                                        calories

Treadmill Size:                                    49in by 24in by 11in

Maximum Weight for User:               250 pounds

Design:                                                 Folding Design

Runway Measurement:                      38l.5 inch by 14 inch

Warranty:                                            from the Manufacturer

Price:                                                   $189.99                                

Where to Buy?

 You purchase this Confidence Power Plus Motorized Fitness Treadmill Pink from Amazon.

If you desire, you may also buy it directly from the manufacturer.