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Confidence-Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill Review

Confidence Power Plus Review

Confidence-Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill is one of the lowest priced treadmills you can find in the market. This product is very affordable not to mention that it is motorized.

Confidence Fitness is distributed by Golf Outlets of American from Henderson, NV. The company purchase products from all over the world in large quantities and resell directly to the consumer.  This process enables Golf Outlets to give discounts up to 70% on their regular retail prices.

On this note, it is understandable why Confidence is low- priced compared with other brands of almost the same features.

Is It For You?

Do you prefer to workout at home? It is truly sometimes tedious going to the gym just to keep fit and healthy.

Having an exercise machine at home that can provide you the workout you need is a plus factor not only on keeping your body in shape, but saving money as well.

If you are a beginner, this treadmill could be the product for you. However, this machine can also be ideal for advanced professionals.

Confidence Power Plus has a motorized belt that enables you to maintain your pace whether you are running, jogging, or walking. To achieve the best performance of this treadmill, use it in the walking mode.

This treadmill can reach up to 7.5 MPH, but using it at higher speed will have the tendency to shorten its life span.

What You’ll Get:

What you are getting is a motorized treadmill that is easy to use and store that is very affordable.

When delivered to you, the size would be 50.5in x 25.5in x 11.5in with a package weight of 53 pounds. Make sure that you check the product for any dent, breakage, or rust as soon as it arrives.

The treadmill itself measures 49in x 24in x 11in and weighs 49 pounds with a running space of 38.5in x 14in. Its narrowness makes it easy to store and carry.

It has a 600W motor that provides 0 to 6.2MPH speed with a maximum user weight of 120 pounds. It is not advisable to run on it or put the machine at the highest speed based on the reviews by some owners.

The LED display provides data for calories, distance, speed and time. This enables you to monitor your workout and set a target.

There is no warranty on this treadmill. Thus, you have no way of having it changed or replaced for any damage upon delivery. 


  1. No Warranty.   Sad to know that this supposedly very practical product does not carry any warranty which will make you think otherwise. However; with the price, you need not worry if it will last for at least a year. At least you are able to get started with your workout program and will be ready to a more challenging program provided by other models with more remarkable features.
  2. Delivery Problems.  After reading several reviews on this treadmill, I’ve noticed that there are some, but not alarming, customers who have had complains with delivery. A few claimed that what delivered to them were broken, wrinkled, or rusted.

In order to avoid this bad experience, make sure that you purchase from reputable and reliable sellers or suppliers.


  1. Affordability.   Price is an important factor when you buy anything. But, of course, quality should not be compromised. The price of this treadmill is very affordable considering that you can achieve the same experience with models that are much pricier.
  2. Folding Design.  The folding design is a plus factor especially if you need more space in your room. Its folding design makes the treadmill easy to store.
  3. Motorized Electric Treadmill. This treadmill is not really packed with many features, but it’s being motorized gives you more than what you paid for. This is very good if you are just starting with your fitness program. 

The motorized belt will help you keep walking, jogging, or even running until you reach your target workout.


This treadmill is a good machine not only for beginners but even those who are into advanced programs. Considering the price, it will not make you worry if the machine will last for a year or not.

However, not having any warranty, you may consider checking out other brands with the same price range. I have checked out at Goplus Electric Treadmill 800W Folding Power Motorized Running Jogging Treadmill  is priced at similar range.

Relatively, this treadmill can be a good buy.

Summary: (Specs & Features)

  • Price: Very low with free shipping included
  • Dimensions: Height 11in, Width 24in, Length 49in, Weight 49 pounds, Running Surface 14in x 39in
  • Maximum User Weight: 250 pounds
  • Programs: 3 programs for your fitness plan
  • Storage: Foldable and lightweight making it easy for storage
  • Motor:  Motor with 600W that starts up at the speed of 0.6.2MPH and can be increased by pushing a button.
  • LED Display:  LED display shows you the distance you have covered and the time. Also shows the calories you have burnt and your speed.
  • Warranty: none

Where to Buy?

It is always recommended to buy directly from manufacturer's authorized dealer, but buying from reputable and reliable online sellers is also advisable.