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Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill – A Review and Recommendation

Have you questioned what makes Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill different from other treadmills?

One difference is its being a magnetic treadmill. This variety of treadmill is motor less and produces resistance with the use of magnetic energy.

Unlike motorized treadmills, this treadmill has no motor so you have to move forward in order to roll the belt forward. With a motorized treadmill, the belt will automatically roll based on the speed you set it.

Therefore, with Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill; you control the speed and there is no pressure on what speed you want to work on.

Is It For You?

Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill offers numerous benefits.

Initially, since this treadmill has no motor, it can be considered environmental friendly. You don’t need to use electrical energy to operate the treadmill.

If you are interested in getting a treadmill that is lighter, smaller and can easily be stored, this treadmill is a possible choice.

Another factor, you may not be hassled with any noise when using this treadmill in contract with a motorized one which may generate unwanted reverberation while being used.

With $149.99 as the price of this treadmill, you can say that it is much cheaper than the motorized models.

What You’ll Get

Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill has an approximately seven degrees fixed inclination which can give you a more challenging workout and help moving forward on the magnetic resistant belt.

The dimension of the belt is fifteen inches by 40.2 inches which at least is wide enough for your exercise

The space you need to have it placed is about 19.1 inches by 47.2 inches which is not that bulky compared with other models.

It has eight changeable levels of magnetic resistance which helps you tailor your personal workout intensity.

Monitoring and measuring your calories, speed, time, distance and scan functions are offered in this treadmill style.

The built-in wheels provide convenience moving the treadmill around and the locking mechanism makes it easy for you to fold and unfold the treadmill and store it.

This treadmill can carry up of 220 pounds weight for user. But, the actual weight of the treadmill itself is 46.9 pounds.


Since this model of treadmill is not motorized, you may take more time adjusting to it. You may also have difficulty at first because you may not have the actual feel of walking or running.

To some this treadmill’s being slightly inclined could be challenging, but as you get used to it; you would realize that the slight inclination helps in making it easy for you to set off your momentum.

Another point to consider is the possibility that you may injure your body or strain your joints since you will need more energy to initiate or uphold the forward motion on this treadmill. Therefore, if you have concerns with your knees, joints or hip or any known health situations; make sure that you let your physician check you first.


Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill offers you a swift and quiet walking workout with its magnetic resistance belt.

The eight adjustable levels helps you tailor made your own workout level.

Being a manual treadmill, you may save on the consumption of your electricity and help in the preservation of the environment.

The folding system of this treadmill makes is easy for you to move it around and also storing at your room.


If you are able and if you are willing to exert a little more energy moving forward your legs, then this treadmill model could be a good choice.

Personally, I would prefer a treadmill that can help me work on my legs more. When I tried this model, it gives me the level of exertion I need for a medium challenge kind of workout.

As I have used it for almost an hour, I can feel that my body is more relaxed walking on it.

Therefore, I would recommend that you first try walking or jogging on it before you buy one.

If in case you are not satisfied with it, you may check out my other reviews on some models with almost similar features to help you choose the one that is good for you.


To summarize the features and specifications of this treadmill model, here are some of the most basics you should consider before making a purchase.

This treadmill at costs $149.99 with free shipping. Accordingly, you are able to save fifty percent or $150.

If you get the package, it would measure 52.1 inches by 24.4 inches by 9.3 inches and weighs 46.9 pounds.

This model is foldable which makes it easy for you to either store it or move it around. The simple locking mechanism ensures that are able to keep it safe from falling.

The built-in wheels provide ease in moving the treadmill around your home or office.

The measurement of the belt is 19.1 inches by 47.2 inches and it is folded, the measurement is 48 inches in height and 7.9 inches in diameter.

Ideal weight of users for this treadmill is up to 220 pounds.

It has a multi-function computer wherein you can determine your distance, speed, time, calories and also has an odometer and scan functions.

This treadmill models carries with it a 12-month warranty.

Where to Buy?

Confidence Fitness is one of the known brands which are sold in most outlets and online stores. However, it is always beneficial to purchase this treadmill directly from the manufacturer.