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BodyGuard T240C Treadmill Review

BodyGuard T240C Treadmill

BodyGuard T240C Treadmill

The BodyGuard T240C treadmill is similar to the T240 but with an orthopedic belt.

And just like the BodyGuard T240, this unit is also one of the few Chinese manufactured treadmills that comes with excellent quality.

Is This the Best Treadmill for You?

If you are looking for a quality treadmill with great cushioning then this one should interest you. It comes with an orthopedic belt which is softer than ordinary belts. So it is perfect for those who have foot injuries or those trying to recover from one.

What You’ll Get

As I’ve said above, this model is similar to the T240 but with an orthopedic belt. These belts are softer than ordinary belts so it feels better to run on. However, the problem with these is that it causes more wear and tear on the treadmill which will eventually lead to tons of repair and maintenance in the future.

However, this treadmill boasts of a 2.75 HP (DC) motor with a speed range of 0.5-10mph and an incline range of 0% to 15%. Add to these the fact that this machine also features 11 exercise programs and you’ll get both variety and flexibility to consistently have intense workouts.

The LED mono colored central information window with a 12 digit scrolling screen shows you necessary information regarding your workout. While the silicone keys provide users a soft touch feel. And it also comes with a customizable settings menu (Spanish, French or English).

The 20” x 57” tread belt provides enough space for you to workout comfortably. And together with the BDS cushioning (reduces impact while running) and the ortho belt, this machine could very well give you one of the best treadmill experiences you’ll have.

Other features include the advance friction detection system (AFDS) which prevents overheating of the motor and shortage of the drive. The electronic stride control (ESC) which controls the speed of the machine to prevent it from changing pace especially when the treadmill is inclined. And the HR bars and chest strap which monitors your heart rate during workouts.

And finally, the BodyGuard T240C comes with a lifetime warranty for its motor and frame, a 10 year warranty for its parts and wear & tear, and a 3 year labor warranty. These warranties simply show the confidence BodyGuard has with their products.


The only weakness I see with this model is the orthopedic belt. The negative impact of this belt seriously outweighs its positive contribution to this machine.


Unless you really need an ortho belt (if currently injured or recovering from injury), I wouldn’t recommend the BodyGuard T240C treadmill. You’ll be better off with the cheaper BodyGuard T240 or one of our best buy treadmills.


Cost: $2,799

Motor: 2.75HP DC motor with Palladium drive

Speed: 0.5 to 10 mph

Incline: up to 15%

Belt Size: 22" x 57"

Dimesions: 72"L x 29.5"W x 53”H

Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

Warranty: Lifetime for frame and motor, 10 years for parts, 3 years for labor

Heart Rate: Yes with chest strap  


• Customizable settings menu



• 11 programs

• JustGo feature

• Silicone keys

• 4 user ID

• 4 memory programs and 4 learn programs

• DBS cushioning

• LED mono color

• Short handlebars and crossbar

Where to Buy?

If you plan on buying a BodyGuard T240C treadmill, I suggest you find a local dealer through bodyguardfitness. It is usually sold for $2,799.00.

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