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Body Fat Percentage Chart

The Body Fat Percentage Chart below gives you categorized ranges of body fat levels. You body contains both fat and lean body mass (bone, muscle, organs, blood, and everything else).

Body Composition is the term used to describe these different components that, when taken together, make up a person's body weight.

Your body fat percentage is simply the percentage of fat your body contains. If you are 200 pounds and 10% fat, it means that 20 pounds of your weight is fat. The remaining 180 pounds is lean body mass.

Knowing how much body fat you have is one of the most important pieces of health information you can have. Your weight as measured on a scale only gives you limited information. A heavily muscled individual will appear to be overweight if you are going by scale weight only.

Also, two people at the same height and same weight could appear completely different from each other because they have a different body composition.

Use the charts below to see where you rate. Use the results to motivate you and set goals for improvement. If you don't know how much body fat you have, go to this Body Fat Calculator

Body Fat Percentage: Men

Category 20-29 yrs. 30-39 yrs.40-49 yrs. 50-59 yrs. 60+ yrs.
Superior <5 <9<11 <13 <13
Excellent 5-9 9-1411-16 13-18 13-18
Good 9-14 14-1716-20 18-2118-22
Average 14-17 17-2020-22 21-24 22-25
Fair 17-22 20-2422-26 24-27 25-28
Poor 22-29 24-3026-31 27-32 28-33
Very Poor >29 >30>31 >32 >33

Body Fat Percentage: Women

Category 20-29 yrs. 30-39 yrs.40-49 yrs. 50-59 yrs. 60+ yrs.
Superior <11 <13<16 <19 <17
Excellent 11-17 13-1816-21 19-25 17-25
Good 17-21 18-2221-25 25-2925-29
Average 21-24 22-2525-28 29-32 29-33
Fair 24-28 25-2928-32 32-36 33-37
Poor 28-35 29-3632-38 36-40 37-41
Very Poor >35 >36>38 >40 >41

Body Fat Percentage Categories


Men (% fat)

Women (% fat)

Essential Fat















Charts From - National Strength and Conditioning Association

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