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10 Benefits of Running on Treadmill

Many people are asking which one works best for runners. Is it running outside or on a treadmill?

The truth is, running on a treadmill for a mile is equivalent to 10 miles of running outdoor.

When running in a treadmill, there's no wind resistance involve making it easier to run. You can also run at a different speed. According to scientific research, running on a treadmill is like outdoor running and it also yields energy costs.

A 1% grade setting of the treadmill allows the runner to exert the same effort just like running outdoors. People who don't have time to run outdoor most likely prefer to own a treadmill.

Here are the benefits of running on treadmill:

#1. Keeps you in control

One of the top benefits of running on a treadmill is that the runner can control the fitness level. This means that you can choose either a light or intense workout. You can also control the incline and speed, as well as the energy you can expend. Likewise, the warming up and cooling down also depends on your preferences.

Running on a treadmill is not just for advance runners but also for beginners. It’s because you can work on the routine suitable to your preference. There are treadmills nowadays that are programmable that allows the runner to customize the speed, distance, and time. Using a treadmill, you can monitor your heart rate and track your progress.

#2. Reduced impact

The impact of running on a treadmill is lesser than running outdoors. It's because the hard surfaces cause a lot of impact on your legs particularly when you run fast. The hard pavement can cause problems on your knees, ankles, and even on your back. 

To avoid those health issues, the best alternative is to run on a treadmill. This equipment has a soft surface and shock absorption capabilities. There's nothing to worry about your joints because running on a treadmill takes lesser impact due to the even running platform.

#3. Simulates real race courses

Another benefit of treadmill running is that it simulates the race courses. That’s why it’s ideal to train for a race using a treadmill because it is closer to the real race course.

You can program the treadmill to the route or terrain like your next race. You can use a treadmill with built-in race simulation software that will help you to prepare for the race.

#4. Heart health

Running is a cardiovascular workout that promotes a healthy heart. Since running on a treadmill has a lesser impact, it also keeps the proper circulation of blood throughout your body and at the same time strengthen your heart. 

Through the proper circulation of the blood, the muscles obtain more oxygen that is essential for a runner to sustain longer and get better results. Making a habit to run on a treadmill spares you from high blood pressure and potential heart disease. 

Aside from reducing the blood pressure, running on a treadmill also reduces the bad cholesterol level while increasing the good cholesterol level. Through the built-in heart rate monitor, you will know how your heart is working.

#5. Motivation and mental health

When you run on a treadmill it improves the brain function. It's because running stimulates the release of endorphins that makes a person happy. That's why running can help to alleviate anxiety and depression.

Aside from endorphins, another brain chemical called endocannabinoids is produced while doing physical exercise that is also responsible for making you feel happy.

If you feel happy while running on a treadmill regularly, you will be motivated to run harder. Likewise, the options available on treadmills also serve as motivation.

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#6. Weight loss  

Running on a treadmill is beneficial to your health as it helps to lose weight. For every mile of running, you can burn 100 calories (1).

Thus, running at full speed and intensity, you can expect to burn more calories. As compared to other aerobic exercises, running yields better results when it comes to losing weight. 

#7. Muscle building

Running is a good cardio workout and helps improve the stamina. It also helps build muscles, particularly in the legs.

Likewise, running with the abdominal muscles flexed helps to strengthen the core muscles and even the arm muscles.

#8. Safe, private and convenient

Another benefit of running on a treadmill is its convenience and safety. You need not go out of your home if you want to work out. This means that you can exercise privately at the comfort of your home.

Thus, you can work out anytime you want. It is also safer to run on a treadmill as compared to running outdoors. You can spare yourself from the risks of potential road accidents. 

#9. Promotes joint flexibility

As a person grows old, there's a tendency to develop joint problems that affect flexibility. Running on a treadmill helps to improve the joint flexibility that eventually prevents developing degenerative bone problems such as arthritis.

That's why if you notice that you're developing issues about your mobility and flexibility, you should consider running on a treadmill.

#10. Improves bone density

Running on a treadmill also improves bone density. Keep in mind that running stimulates the production of bone minerals responsible for making the bones strong. Healthy bones can prevent bone diseases like osteoporosis that makes the bone brittle. 

Running regularly offers a lot of benefits to your health. In fact, it prevents developing different health issues such as diabetes, joint related problems, and heart disease. Regardless of your shape, running on a treadmill is a smart choice. This is not only for advanced runners but also for beginners.

You can control your own inclines and speed according to your preferences. It won't only help burn calories but also improves your general health and sports performance.

The best thing about the treadmill is that you can work out even on cold, winter days, either with your buddy or solo. Above all, when you run on a treadmill you can expect that you will be in a better form.