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You Can't Spot Reduce, But the Ab Lounge Helped

by Liz
(Philadelphia, PA)

I really like my ab lounger! You can't spot reduce, but the Ab Lounge helped me. I really have noticed a difference in my abs. They are definitely flatter and more toned. That being said, I do cardio 5-6 days a week for 45 minutes. That allows me to lose weight in order to have a slimmer tummy. Just using the ab lounge on it's own won't burn the fat in your abs. But, I like the ab lounger because it's easy to use and its comfortable to sit in.

I usually sit in it and do them while I watch TV, absent mindlessly. It DOES take up space though. I live alone so I just use it as a regular chair. If you have a nice place you won't be able to do that (I live in a small one bedroom with no decor to speak of). The Ab Lounge is a little pricey, but if you have the room I think it's money well spent. Just remember to work on your cardio too! The combination of cardio and ab workouts on the Ab Lounge can really make a difference.

Ab Lounger: Use At Your Own Risk

by Abdul

The Ab Lounger is a product that supposedly trains your abs without much spinal flexion. I have used it myself and while I got a pretty good ab workout, I ultimately had problems. I trained with it 3 times a week, 30 minutes each workout.

I started to see some results, but the side effects for me turned out to be dangerous. It is true that it's an easier movement compared to sit-ups, but after using this for several months I started to have back pain, especially around waist and hips. At first I didn't know why, but when I got up from my Ab Lounger one day, I had severe back pain. I consulted a doctor and he suggested to reduce my training frequency with it. I followed his suggestion and I feel much better.

I no longer use my Ab Lounger. I regret buying this product, after my bad experience with it. Even now I am reluctant to buy a similar product due to the trauma. I don't want to risk my spine only to get better abs.

My advice is to conserve your money, there are much better methods and equipment to work your abs with less side effects. The developer of this product should do more research and then make a better product with more satisfying results without the dangers.

Ab Lounger: Does It Work?

by Jenny

I just bought my Ab Lounger 4 weeks ago and have already lost 6 1/2 pounds. Does it work? I am already SEEING and feeling better muscle tone in not only my abdominal area, but my back, arms, butt, hips and upper legs. I have only been working out on it for about 5 minutes in the morning, and a time or two through out the day, (when I have a minute.)

This is a great machine, especially for those with very busy schedules. I have 2 office jobs, and work very long hours, and have to take care of a house and family. I don't have a lot of time to work out every day. Literally only a few minutes at a time.

The Ab Lounger is also very comfortable to use, and has even helped ease my sciatica. I would recommend starting off with a low number of repetitions for a few days before increasing the number. If you're straining too much to finish the repetitions, stay with it until its easier. Be sure to breathe correctly. I usually do some simple warm ups and stretches before doing the workout. I enjoy the lounger and vow to stick with it every day! If you slack need to work up to the repetitions you were doing, rather than jump right back into high numbers. A GREAT product! It does work. No kidding!

Ab Lounger: Great Ab Workout for People with Back and Neck Problems

by Miaculpa
(Las Vegas, NV)

I bought the Ab Lounger a few years ago online. I think it's a great ab workout if you have back or neck problems.

The assembly (as far as I can remember), wasn’t too difficult for me. At first, I really liked it. It’s a novel gadget and I had it in front of the TV so that I could do my ab exercises while I watched my favorite shows (which helps A LOT).

If you do the exercises properly, you WILL feel the burn the next day. However, you MUST do them right or you are wasting your time and could hurt yourself. I think I used it religiously for a few months before the hand straps started to wear out. I did see results in those few months of use. However, once it started falling apart, I moved on to other ab exercises. I’d made tremendous gains using my ab lounger and no longer needed the neck support or back support because my abs were finally stronger as a result of using the ab lounger.

I would completely recommend this for someone just starting out exercising again, especially if you are having lower back or neck problems like I did and need to strengthen your abs.

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