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ProForm ZT8 Treadmill Review

ProForm ZT8 treadmill is a product of ICON Health and Fitness. The company had converted the treadmill commerce with the current world-recognized SpaceSaver design. 

Due to ProForm’s advancements in reliability, electronics and cushioning; their treadmills are becoming the favorite choice of most fitness aficionados all over the world.

But, it would be fitting for you to learn more about this product in order to determine if the declaration of the manufacturer is true or not.


Is It For You?

ProForm ZT8 treadmill is for you if you want an exercise machine that is sturdy, quiet, and spacious.

The treadmill running belt of this unit is appropriate for brisk walking and running. The size is will not let you fall off. So, it will not matter match if you are tall or short.

Choosing from ample choices for a fitness program is your priority, and then this will serve you good. There are 22 workout programs you can choose from.

Since this is a folding type of treadmill, you can save on space. Therefore, if you want more space in your room; this is a considerable choice.


What You’ll Get

Exercising at home could be practically easy with the use of ProForm ZT8 treadmill.

This treadmill comes with a very quiet motor of 2.75 HP and a workout cooling fan by CoolAire. This will surely provide you a comfortable and powerful walk or run.

The adjustable incline from zero to twelve percent will surely provide a more challenging exercise at your own choice.

An easy adjustable speed control of up to 12 MPH is also incorporated for a unique experience in your everyday routine. This may be helpful especially if you are up to a more exigent routine.

This treadmill is also has a compatibility with iPod as it is provided with a music port for that purpose.

Just like most of ProForm’s exercise machines, this model is foldable and equipped with Easy Lift Assist for space saving and easy handling.



To a few, the only negative about this model is the workout fan wherein you have to be in front of it to enjoy it. Anyway, treadmills are for exercise and not for making yourself cool.

A few only had issues on deliveries, but not on the product itself.



This treadmill is very sturdy according to most users and owners. The belt’s size is outstanding and you will not have the panic of falling off or thumping the sides when you walk or run on it.

The speakers are also working well. All you need is to use a cord and plug in your gadget and you can listen to music perfectly.

You can assemble the treadmill almost by yourself except for the hydraulic bar wherein you would need someone’s help. Otherwise, it is easy to assemble.

Generally, this ProForm ZT8 treadmill is dependable, sturdy, and quiet with no squeaking or rattling.



If you prefer working out at home instead of doing it outside, then this could be a good option for your daily routines.

It is true that there are plenty of options you can have, but this model has unique features of its own.

I highly recommend that you check out my reviews on other parallel treadmills and evaluate them with this model in order to conclude which you would favor most.

It is also preeminent that you try out some models and balance them with this one before you do your purchase.



Brand and Model:  ProForm ZT8 Treadmill

Color:   Gray

Design:  Space Saving Design

Foldable:  Folding with Easy Lift Assist

Motor:  2.75 CHP Mach Z Motor

Tread Belt:  20in by 60 in 2-ply commercial belt

Cushioning:  ProShox cushioning

Music Port:  Compatible with iPod

Display:  6in backlit display

Workout Programs:  22 workout built-in apps

Fan:  CoolAire fan during workout

Heart Rate Monitor:  Grip Pulse EKG monitor

IFit Compatibility:  IFit compatible, but you must purchase an iFit wireless module. If you buy the wireless module, you will receive a one-year iFit subscription for free.

Incline:  up to 12 percent incline with Quick Incline control

Speed Control:  12 MPH control

Load Capacity:  325 pounds

Price:   $842.88 with free shipment

Warranty:  Lifetime warranty on frame and motor, 2 years warranty on parts and one year warranty on labor


Where to Buy?

ProForm ZT8 treadmill is available at Amazon and other online stores that sell exercise equipment where you can purchase this product. However, if you can purchase it directly from the manufacturer, it may be more advantageous to maximize your warranty.