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ProForm ZT6 Treadmill Review

Daily walking and jogging is achievable by using treadmills. There is no limit to the time, distance and location for walking or running with the use of a treadmill.

ProForm ZT6 treadmill is one treadmill that can provide you with daily walking or jogging without exposing yourself to any unwanted circumstances of the outdoors.

If exercises are done correctly, you may get the most benefits from it.


Is It For You?

This treadmill has an assist system which may stop it from crashing or dropping when you fold it up.  Therefore, you are somewhat ensured that your treadmill will not be damaged every time you fold and unfold it.

The locking bolt is properly placed to offer you the relief of using just one hand to unfasten it while using your other hand to hold up the weight before you initiates to lower the belt.

ProForm ZT6 treadmill is relatively quiet and its sound will not interfere when you are listening from your iPad while exercising.

If you are weighty, you will not have a trouble using this exercise machine since its utmost weight capacity for users is 300 pounds.


What You’ll Get

This model provides you a treadmill with power from a 2.5 CHP motor which can help make your exercise more intense and prolonged.

The incorporated eighteen workout programs offer you choices to build your exercise more useful and proficient.

Inclines up to 10 percent with quick control is good for a more challenging workout. You may have the experience of an outdoor walking with this spec.

For a more comfortable workout, this treadmill is prepared with a fan by CoolAire.

The backlit monitor and heart rate display on this treadmill permit you to monitor your rates while working out or walking.

For a more relaxing workout, this treadmill comes with a music port that is compatible with iPod.

The best part is that this treadmill carries with it a lifetime warranty on its frame, 25 years warranty on the motor and one year warranty on its parts and for labor.



A few people who bought this treadmill seem to receive units with factory defects.  Although it is not sure if the damage was due to shipment or it is due to factory defect. However, this product carries with it warranty so you may always request for a replacement in case you receive a defective one.

To avoid these circumstances, it is best that you let the delivery people check it and make sure that there are no damages and that it does function before they leave.

Some claim that it is noisy, but treadmills that are motorized will surely have some noise when the motor is running which can’t be avoided. What matter is how loud the noise is? If it is very loud, then that would be a problem. Apparently, this treadmill is not that noisy compared with other brands and models.



A very good characteristic of this treadmill is its being very sturdy which may provide you safety, comfort and achievements.

Assembly is simple although you may need some time if you are doing it alone. You may spend about two hours or more, depending on your capabilities.

It has a very smooth finish and the fan works well, very comfy while doing your workout routines.

Making a more demanding walk or run on it is not a dilemma; you may not feel any wobbling concerns.

The offered display is clear and very simple to see and read. Therefore, a mere glancing at it is enough to know your progress or status.



This treadmill is very practical for those who want to do things on their own. Assembly is observed to be doable alone. The sturdiness and comfort this machine provides make it highly recommendable for your daily walking or running.

However, in order to be entirely sure of your selection or decision, it is always idyllic to go about several similar units and trying them out before making any option.

You may also take a look at my reviews on several brands and style which are close to this model.



Brand and Style: ProForm ZT6

Price:  $711.76

Motor:  2.5 CHP Mach Z

Treadbelt Size:  20 inches by 55 inches

Design:  SpaceSaver

Cushioning:  ProShox cushions

Speed C control:  10 MPH Quick Speed

Display:  5 inches backlit display

Incline:  10 percent incline control

Fan:  CoolAire workout fan

Programs/Apps:  18 workout programs

Monitor:  Heart Rate Monitor

Compatible Music Port:  iPod compatible

Weight Load Capacity:  300 pounds

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on frame, 25 years warranty on motor, and one year warranty on parts and labor


Where to Buy?

Many people nowadays find shopping online more convenient and beneficial. and Lazada are among the good online stores you can check out.

But, if you want to maximize the warranty on your treadmill, you may go directly to the manufacturer or any of the company’s authorized sellers.