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ProForm Performance 400 Treadmill Review

Are you in the process of buying your own treadmill?  If so, you may look at ProForm Performance 400 Treadmill.

This treadmill is ideal for those who want to own a sturdy, space saving, and not so expensive exercise machine for walking and running.


Is It For You?

Nowadays, people are getting more conscious about their health situation. So, they find ways to stay healthy and maintain a good body size.

One of the means to achieve these goals is to exercise. Walking and or running on a treadmill is one form of exercises that is practical for almost everyone.

ProForm Performance 400 Treadmill can help you achieve your goals in getting healthy and fit. It is equipped with built-in workout programs which you can use for your daily exercise.

The price is reasonable if you take into consideration the many helpful features it offers.


What You’ll Get

ProForm Performance 400 Treadmill offers you an exercise machine that is created to save on space.

It is protected with warranty to ensure that you can get the worth of money you spent on it.

It has integrated programs for workouts which you can select for a routine applicable for you.

This model has a monitor to gauge your heart rate, speed, time and how to a large extent you have walked.

If you like music while walking or running, this treadmill is equipped with a port that is compatible with IPod.

You will not have pain while walking because it is well cushioned with ProShox and a folding mechanism for easy storage.



Some of the people who bought and used this treadmill model had difficulty having it operational.  However, the concerns are minor only and were easily fixed.

Few found the support line of ProForm not helpful and difficult to contact.

There are some deliveries with defective units, but was replaced after being reported.



This ProForm treadmill model is considered very sturdy and nice with large user console.

Putting it together is easy, but recommended more is for two people to do it for smoother and not as much of stress work.

The mechanism quickly turns the incline when selected without any hassle.

The included program for workout works well and you can quickly find one that fits you.

The motor is quiet and seems to last long with long hours of use.



With different experiences and observations by many owners and users of this treadmill model, it is still worth considering.

Generally, it is a good treadmill with features that are useful and helpful.

If you are decided about getting in shape and being in the pink, you may consider this treadmill.

However, it is always beneficial and practical to fully check the unit and if possible; test it first by actually walking or running on it.

Do some research to compare prices, features, and quality? Look at different websites and read customer reviews for guidance.



Warranty:   This model is covered with a Lifetime warranty on the frame, 25-year warranty for the motor and 1-year warranty on labor and parts.

Motor:  2.5CHP Mach Z motor

Cushion:  Cushioning is by ProShox

Design:  This is one of the Space Saver designs

Tread Belt Measurement:  20 inches by 55 inches

Maximum Load:  This model can accommodate up to 300 pounds user

Workout Programs:  It is equipped with 18 workout programs you can choose from

Monitor:   Included in this model is the Pulse EKG heart rate monitor

Music Port:  Compatible with IPod (the IPod is not included with the treadmill)

Shipping Weight:  The weight when shipped to you is 203 pounds


Where to BuY?

Normally, the best place to buy ProForm Performance 400 Treadmill is directly from the manufacturer. But, not all manufacturers sell directly to end users.

Therefore, you may purchase this treadmill unit from Amazon or other recognized suppliers or sellers of treadmills.