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ProForm 6.0 RT Review

Would you want a customized training with your treadmill? Then you can achieve it with ProForm 6.0 RT treadmill.

This treadmill is created to endure workouts from light to intense.  Any workout combination is doable since this is powered with a 2.5 CHP motor and the shock on your joints is reduced when you do exercises at an incline.

Daily walk or run is not anymore a concern by using a treadmill and this model may provide the type of exercise you preferred.


Is It For You?

If you prefer a customized training, then this treadmill may be for you.  There are eight preset calisthenics applications which are designed by a accredited personal trainer for your choice. These apps help you become fit and strong without the worry of what you should be indulging in for any day of your training routine.

This treadmill has a speed booster with increments up to 10 MPH with may add to your cardio enhancement. So, if you are particular about the health of your heart, this treadmill may be of help.

ProForm 6.0 RT can sustain your light and extreme workouts without trouble with its 2.5 CHP motor. You are somewhat certain to achieve a consistent, even and relaxed workout with this exercise equipment.

The one-touch controls of this treadmill enable you to adjust your QuickSpeed and QuickIncline without disturbing your workout rhythm.


What You’ll Get

ProForm 6.0 RT is powered by a Mach Z motor with 2.5 CHP which is created to support our light and intense workouts. The motor’s capability to cool its internal parts increases the life span of the treadmill’s drive system.

If you want to accelerate your workout, you may do so with the QuickSpeed controls. You may increase your speed with up to 10 mph increments to accomplish the intensity you desire for your routine workout.

The TreadSoft cushioning of this machine may decrease the effect on your legs and joints in order to build your workout comfortable and your revival at a faster time between routines.

You know what? Walking and running at an incline may decrease the impact on your joints. It is a good thing that this treadmill is equipped with a 10% Quick Incline power which may also add variants to your workout and facilitates your burning of more calories much rapidly.

The 18 inch by 55 inch belt of this treadmill provides you ample space for your walking or running, No matter what your height is, you may very well achieve a comfortable workout in attaining your fitness goals.

If in case you are not decided what workout program to perform, the built-in eight workout apps on this model is your solution. Designed by licensed personal trainer, these apps will help you with any intensity of workout you desire to do.



There are a few who claim that the customer service is terrible and very difficult to contact. Sometimes, the customer service representative you talk to doesn’t speak English.

There are times that this treadmill emits very loud sound that is irritating to the ears.

Some customers also find the information screen too small and reading the display while exercising is very difficult.

Folding this treadmill is not difficult, but when you unfold it; you will have a problem due to the locking pin’s performance.

Several customers received their package in bad condition. Some boxes are even damaged.


This treadmill is delivered to you partially assembled making complete installation much easier and faster.

The incline capability is very ideal if you want an extreme type of workout.

Some claim that this treadmill is very good for the price they paid for it.

Walking on it is great according to some customers. It can withstand many users in a day.



Whether you want a light or a more extreme workout, this treadmill can provide you. But then, you have to consider looking at other models or brands before making the final purchase. I have several reviews on other similar types on this site that you can check out if you fancy. With more choices, you are able to determine if you are having the best buy and prevent wasting your hard earned money.

Also, it is recommended that you inspect the machine first and if possible to try using it before you decide to buy or make your actual purchase.



Brand and Model:  ProForm 6.0 RT

Product Dimensions: 66.5 by 30 by 11 inches

Shipping Weight:  163 pounds

Price: $499 with shipping for free

Incline:  QuickIncline 10%

Motor:  Mach Z Motor, 2.5 CHP

Tread Belt:  18 inches by 55 inches

Speed:  QuickSpeed Controls with increments up to 10 MPH

Workout Programs:  Built-in 8 Workout Apps

Cushioning:  TreadSoft Cushioning

Folding:  Yes, this treadmill is folding

Weight Load:  300 pounds

Warranty:  90-day warranty


Where to Buy?

Directly from the manufacturer is the best option, however, there are some who do not sell directly but assign authorized sellers. These direct sellers are also a good place to buy your treadmill.

If you want a faster method, you can always make your purchase online from reliable online sellers. Amazon could be one you can try.