Confidence MTI 1100W: Are You a Heavy User or Not?

Confidence MTI1100W is a heavy duty motorized electric running machine which is folding and can carry up to 330 pounds user.

This treadmill has many features that are helpful in performing workouts daily.

Confidence treadmills are sold and shipped out by Shop 247 USA.


Is It For You?

Many experts claim that walking on treadmills can help lessen depression, develop sleeping hours, and instigate activities.

If you want to achieve any of these advantages, then a treadmill is for you.

This treadmill can provide you vigorous exercise which may help you improve your sleep. 30 to 40 minutes of exercise four or five times a week may make you fall asleep and eventually help you sleep.

The running area and the built-in programs in this treadmill are ideal for a mild to heavier exercise, even running. If you are not sure what type of a workout fits you, then you can try out the different routines provided in this machine.


What You’ll Get

Some people say that all treadmills are the same since you can either walk or run on them. However, manufactures of treadmills make it a point to make their products unique and useful. Confidence MTI 1100W is a heavy duty electric foldable treadmill that is appropriate not just for walking but for running as well.

To help user with their workout or exercise, this model comes with twelve built-in programs for fitness or exercise which can easily be followed by the user. Speakers with 3.5mm jack are also included in this model to enable user listen to their MP3s while doing their workout.

If you are not sure at what speed you will be comfortable, this model comes with six pre-set select speeds you can try until you are able to adjust to which speed you are comfortable with. The speed adjustors are easily located at the hand bars.

If you are lacking space at your home, the folding feature of this model provides you with the solution. The design is supplemented with hydraulic assist to make it easy for you to fold and unfold the machine and for storing as well.

The maximum allowable weight for users is 330 pounds on a runway that measures 47 inches by 15 inches. Treadmill itself weighs 96 pounds while the package weight when delivered to you is 105 pounds.

An emergency stop clip is also provided. You may clip the gadget to your clothing so, in case you fall, the machine will stop automatically.



People will always have their own opinion on different things. And opinions on treadmills are not an exemption.

Few owners claimed that this treadmill has parts that are made of cheap plastic which seem to make the product not of good quality.

Another common negative on this model is its difficulty to assemble. Few buyers had trouble lining up and bolting the treadmill together.

The metric system used in this treadmill is a minus factor to some users since they still have to convert from metric to English system.



Most users find it perfect for walking and running as well. The built-in speakers are a great feature. Users are able to relax listening to music while walking or running. This makes them walk or run more, thus helping them get fit.

This treadmill is good for heavier people and with those who want to walk for longer time.

Delivery is very fast and customers are surprised.  Even if the box is beaten up, the contents are intact.

The folding system is a plus factor for storing and moving around.



Confidence MTI 1100W is good for those who are heavy and would prefer longer time for walking or running. If you are within this category, then this treadmill is recommended for you.

However, this treadmill can also be considered for any category of users since it is heavy duty and can carry up to 330 pounds user.

As I always recommend, when buying treadmills, it is best that you scout for several models and trying them out before landing on a particular unit.



Price:  $369.99 and free Shipping by Shop 247 USA

Foldable:   This treadmill model can be folded and is designed with hydraulic assist in order for you to easily store it

Programs:  It is incorporated with 12 built-in exercise programs

Speakers:  Equipped with a built-in speakers complete with 3.5mm jack

LED Displays:  5 LED displays for monitoring time, distance, calories, speed, and heart rate

Pre-set Speeds:  There are 6 fast pre-set speeds you can use, you may also adjust the speed to your suitable level

Motor:  1100W/1.5 horsepower motor 

Maximum Weight:  Maximum user load weight is 330 pounds

Measurements:  The runway size is 47 by 15 inches; the size of the machine when in use is 63 by 28 by 52 inches                              


Where to Buy?

Buying from the manufacturer is still the best. However, not all manufacturers are selling directly to customers. They have authorized sellers or dealers and buying from these dealers is similar with buying directly from the manufacturers.

If you prefer, you can also purchase from Amazon.