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5900 Horizon TMs - Horizon TM Model T-30 (2004)

I own two T-30 TM's. Mine I bought new and the second I bought used (for my husband). We love the machines! My husband and I regularly run intervals and additionally I use mine to walk uphill. They are very well-maintained machines.

About a month ago, while walking at 3mph 3% grade, 33 mins into my 40 min workout, my TM malfunctioned, instantly accelerating to top speed.

The belt threw me forward onto my knees, then threw me back off the machine onto my butt, landing hard. I injured both knees (all the skin was burned off my left knee) and bruised my right wrist/hand.

I learned that 5900 Horizon TMs made in 2001/2002 were recalled as 15 people were injured for this same acceleration malfunction. My TM is not subject to any recalls. My TM no longer work; the console turns on, but the motor/belt does not move.

I am reaching out to you for several reasons:
1. Can my TM be repaired? Seems like a circuit could be replaced?
2. If it cannot be reliably repaired, what should I do with the 2 TMs? I can't sell or donate them knowing they are a hazard.
3. Did you work on any machines that were recalled?
4. How does Horizon usually treat customers who are injured using their machines?

I have spoken with Horizon and they took any injury report. Rather than repair my machine, they offered me a discount on a new TM.

They did not offer to cover any costs associated with my injuries.
Not sure if I want another of their TMs since this malfunction could be an ongoing design flaw.

I have used TMs for 30 years and have owned them in my home for over 20 years. I am in good shape and exercise daily.

I am torn because I'd like to continue using my TM or get another one, but I am also apprehensive as I don't want to be injured (more seriously perhaps) if something like this were to happen again.

From this accident, I was out of action for 3 weeks before being able to resume normal activities, including light workouts.

Any help or assistance you can offer is greatly appreciated!

=========== Horizon TM Model T-30 (2004)====

First I must pass on an apology for your troubles, this is a worse-case scenerio with a treadmill.

I wanted to drop you both a message to acknowledge your email and let you know I will answer what I can for you. I was once an electronics designer for Johnson Health Tech., NA. which is the parent company for Horizon and many other name brands.

The recall you may be referring to was targeted to a lower control board made under the name of A-Star. I do remember the recall forced removal of all A-Star motor control boards in about 2002/2003 ish when they were replaced(refitted) with a different type of lower control board which was not as prone to problems like this but was also not mated(matched) well to all the systems it was fitted into due to the recall, Johnson was in a crunch to get treadmills sold and did what they could to fix the issue after the CPSC forced the recall.

The lower board can be repaired in most cases, depending on failures, age, and it's design.

To investigate further I would need the serial number off of the front of the treadmill, and any part numbers found on the lower control board if you can find any. You can also forward a picture of the lower control board to this email address and I can identify it that way as well.

Johnson should take this failure report seriously and it doesn't sound like they did. Offering an injured customer a coupon is no way to make amends for a mistake, even if it wasn't negligent in cause. As a lifelong electronics designer, I can tell you both, we take this type of work extremely seriously, and leave little room for mistakes or errors, as the results are often painful to someone, and we are very aware of the dangers of the machines.

My previous experience was in Aerospace, Telecom, and Industrial controls, all of which accepted few mistakes and held designers personally accountable for solid and safe designs.

Let me wrap this first email up here. Please forward serial number(s) for the treadmills under question, any part numbers found on the lower motor control board(s) and any pics you might have.

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