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Yup, heavy duty JUNK

by David Z.
(San Antonio, TX)

We bought a TSC5 about 7 years ago for $1500. Used once in a while by two old people, no running and not over 3.3mph.

At first it was great then in year five the motor control board burned. Last month, year seven, the motor control board burned out....@ $190 each. I lubricate it monthly.

For the last two boards it has been used in a new house with new wiring yet the ceiling light goes up and down as you take a step. With the latest new board the lights now go up and down with no one on the machine!
Amp draw is ~1.9amp and 4.5amp with someone on it.

This is a well built treadmill but there is a problem with the motor control board. I would advise staying away from this brand.

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