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Would not recommend a true

by Peter
(Cleveland Ohio)

We have had a True treadmill for 7 years and just recently we heard a loud thumping noise. The bearings in the motor were no longer functioning appropriately. We ended up finding out that the treadmill only comes with a one year warranty. I'm not sure how that stacks up with other treadmills, but for the price we paid I would expect the company to stand by there products for longer than a year. While the treadmill was functioning it provided a smooth workout. However, reliability ranks high on my list of priorities. In the future, I will steer clear of this brand due to its limited warranty.

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Nov 29, 2015
by: JAY

We purchased our 540 HRC for about $4,000 to $5,000.

We had no problems with it until a couple years ago, the motor stopped working.

Somehow we had the impression that the treadmill had either a long or a lifetime warranty on major parts.

To our dismay, the warranty was limited, and it only lasted one to five years, depending on the problem.

It did not matter to us because it was longer than five years since we had purchased our treadmill.

Even worse, the motor was made by a company which had folded. No worries, True is happy to sell us a new motor for over $1,000, more 1/2 the price of a brand new True treadmill.

Please don't buy from True. This company has ripped off so many of its customers.

The tech who diagnosed our problem shared our view of True.

He is not in sales, but he discourages his friends from purchasing a product that has economically harmed so many of its customers.

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