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TRUE has run for 11 years without more than Lube and adjustment

by Sean
(Pleasanton, CA, USA)

Not sure why TMT slams True in their write-up? The motor, deck, frame parts and engineering appear to be superior to what is out there today, this based on my experience and feedback I received from a technician who lubed deck and adjusted tension on one of two True treadmills I now own. I'm a medium to long range runner weighing approximately 200 lbs and 6'4", so I would consider the wear I put on treadmill medium to high. When I asked a tech to check motor on 450 when lubing, he said the brushes looked like new even though I have used consistently for 10 years. He said the date of manufacture was 1999 from the sticker on control board.

My question to, why are you leaving your old web page review up? Do you receive some sort of benefit for praising True's competitor...Landice? I would ask this of, why don't you update your review with fresh information that shows internals of Landice and TRUE Fitness motor and control area? Side-by-side closeups would be good. Skip all the bells and whistles above and concentrate your review on how each is built from ground up.

I now own both the 450 and a 525 OP from True. I picked up the 525 on CL to get orthopedic belt and longer this "older runner" more room for error. My "like new"(9 year old) 525OP runs like new. When I searched for a used True to save a couple of bucks, I noticed True's are rarely offered used by individuals compared to all other brands, of which, none seem to hold their value when compared to a used True...I wonder why?

I will continue to run and enjoy a True and hope that others who read this try a True over the brands TMT definitely favors. When you are looking at treadmills over $2,000 you should ask a salesman to open up motor will be surprised by what you see. Lastly, if you see complaints about burned out treadmill motors in any treadmill, I would say this, do you think the author lubed their running deck every 3 months and adjusted belt and motor tension properly?

Let's see if TMT will post an opinion that I believe is fair.

Have a fun run... :-)

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Dec 17, 2013
True 525 1999
by: Barry

Agreed. Being handy and attentive to lube and belt tension is important. Still, I had a weak resistor in the PSM motor controller broad almost made me junk it. Now it runs great. For want of a fifty cent part on a circuit board. I wonder if replacing the running belt could be a DOY job? The whole machine seems mechanically simple. Built like a tank. Great stable deck.

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