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True 525 bought in 2000

by Barry
(Westchester County, NY)

Last year my sturdy treadmill stopped working. I found an independent repair company who determined the motor control board (PWM) was bad). He suggested I could save money by having it repaired rather than buying a new one. He referred me to J&R Technical Services in Ft. Lauderdale. Thus began a journey. The short version is it took three trips back and forth to find an undocumented defect in a resistor.

Early in the last decade when the machine was under warranty I had years of service calls where new motors, PWMs, lower level limiter switches etc were replaced. I believe my machine and others of that ilk are plagued by defects in electronics parts worth pennies that cost hundreds to repair if anyone can even figure out the problem.

My treadmill now runs like a dream. The frame and deck are outstanding, and the ride is way above any machine I have used in gyms. The cost of a service call from the original dealer is prohibitive at $250.00. Like an old German car find a good independant mechanic. Also not all parts are avaliable. I studied the service manual myself and now believe I can troubleshoot and fix many problems if they occur. The tech support at True is very helpful even though my machine is from 2000.

The bottom line is True treadmills have outstanding structural build quality and as with other brands, uncertain electronics reliability. If your get lucky the can last forever or they can be a huge headache. I would buy another True treadmill because the new warranty is much longer.

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