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Sole F85

by B. Wilson
(Huntington Beach, CA )

I received our new Sole F85 on MArch 2, 2011. It arrived with the console scratched. Was told by tech that I have to contact the co. After several calls to Dicks Sporting Goods and attempts to call Sole, I finally s/w a Sole rep on 4/18/11! In the meantime, as we used the treadmill an annoying clicking sound happened each time we walked or jogged on the treadmill. We also began to have a problem with the console freezing and when it was turned on, the only way to get it started by the menu was to pull the Stop cord in and out several times. Sole agreed to ship a new console within 5 days. It is now 4/25 and there is no new console at my doorstep and the failure of the computer is worse. It now takes at least 15-20 pulls in and out of the Stop cord to reset the machine to where it will work. So, I called Sole again. I was told that the console is on back order and they don't know when it will be in. Wonder why someone couldn't call me to tell me that. So, I asked to have a technician come over and look at the problem with the computer and the tech, Len, told me that they couldn't send them because they have no parts or tools to do the repair. They apparently need the new console because it is a computer problem. I'm understanding that if there are computer problems with the console, a new one has to be ordered? This doesn't make sense. He promised to get a new computer system out to me FedEx, arrival 4/29. But then, we now have to call the outside tech vendor to make an appointment to come and replace the old one! Needless to say my husband and I are very angry. This is not a cheap treadmill. We use it almost daily for at least 2 hr per day, moderate use, no heavy duty stuff. Weight and height are proportionate for both of us, so that is not the issue here. We simply wanted a quality machine so that we could work out each day after work without having to wait in line at the gym. I told the tech person at Sole that if this isn't fixed within the next week, they are getting it back and I'll never get another Sole and will certainly spread the word!

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