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Sole F80, The one I Was Looking For

by Satbir
(Jenner, Alberta)

I was looking for a treadmill and my budget was around $600.00. And that time I did't know anything about the Treadmill. So I start searching, I read every article about best treadmill and kept changing my budget and choice for abut 5 weeks. Every time I compare my choice, I find another one with batter quality. So I was very confuse because I wanted to buy the best treadmill in my new maximum incresed budget $1600.00 or so. By now I knew everything about treadmill like Motor, Incline, best warranty, Monitor and other stuff. So by comparing that I could not find any treadmill better then Sole f80 folding Treadmill. I thought of buying Sole F63 but I wanted heart rate monitor and a more serious running machine, so left that thought. I try to find any weekness but I could't find any. Even way more expensive treadmill could't come close to Sole F80. So after 6 weeks I find the one that I was looking for and now I'm saving money for my Sole F80 and can't wait to order and have it in my home.

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