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Sole f 80

by Stan
(San Diego, Ca)

After reading reviews, I purchased the Sole F 80 treadmill. I chose in home delivery. As I began assembling it I discovered the electronic connection on the right side was cut. I had no trouble returning the treadmill. They sent me another one and I negotioted for them to assemble at no additional cost. After a couple of times using the belt, it started to squeak. After calling they sent someone to adjust the belt. Trying it a couple more times it started squeaking again. I finally sent it back and they refunded my money. Sales and service were great. It's too bad I can't say the same for their treadmills.

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Jun 26, 2009
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by: Tumbleweed Lee

The Sole F80 has an outstanding reputation. However, it is also notorious for the risk of cutting a wire during assembly. If just one wire was cut on delivery, why not splice it instead of going through the hassle of returning the treadmill? This is one heavy piece of machinery!

I recently planned to buy a Sole F80 but got a great deal on a Spirit XT600, made by the same company.

No cut wires, but a very annoying and worrying squeak. Loosening 5 screws the hood came off the motor/electronics area. The ribbed drive belt was not centered on the ribbed motor pulley. I slid the pulley over 1 rib to center it, and problem gone.

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