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Seeking Your Assistance with Precor: Custom intervals on older commercial Precor treadmill

by John Treadmill
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

I used to run on an older Precor treadmill at my gym in the mid to late 1990's and I loved that treadmill because it had custom intervals that I could set both the duration and the speed (and also the incline) for each interval split, then I could tell it for how long to keep repeating these intervals. For example I could set it to:

30 seconds at 11mph and 1min 30seconds at 4mph and then just tell it to repeat these two intervals for 30 min.

I got in the best shape doing this but the newer Precor's treadmills at my gym don't have this feature. They only have fixed time interval splits.

I even joined another gym and their treadmill required that you press a button to change between the intervals splits which is not fun to do 30 times or more during a workout.

Can anyone tell me what brand Precor I was using in the mid to late 1990's that had this awesome feature?

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