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Reebok 8000 ES

I rated 3 stars and wrote my review in Costco's website, but they did not post my review. There is no customers review for this model yet. I guess those who bought this model were not satisfied enough to give a good review, on the other hand, Costco was favouring the manufacturers by hiding the bad reviews from the customers - business is business.

It came with speakers, ipod dock (actually just an audio input) and usb charger which are fancy enough but not practical. I would rather have a fan instead. The flat buttons were hard to press. The six factory preset programs are not really for everyone and you cannot customize your own program.

The wrost thing is, this treadmill performed much weaker than my expection although I knew that this is a low priced product. The motor was so weak that I heard it loudly gasp when running over 6 mph, and roar when inclining. I knew why it had a built-in speakers - to compromise for the noisy motors.

Not Reebok again.

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