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Purchased an Elite 3.3T $1800 + on sale

by Connie
(Mitchell, Ontario, Canada)

So far the worst feature I feel with the treadmill I purchased are the heart rate grips. It takes anywhere from 30 seconds plus to get a near accurate heart rate if you get one at all.
Positioning of the track to keep it center and from rubbing against the outer plastic frame is the next issue. Glad my husband knows how to play with it.

I have only been using it steady for about 1.5 months since I purchased it 21 months ago and find that it is beginning to make quite a few creaking noises during a 30 minute fast walk/light jog.

I do like that it has several options for programs and a memory so you don't need to constantly reset it.

The LCD ligt window becomes 3D at night and I therefore am not able to complete a workout as it throws off my balance.

Drink holders aren't deep enough or are too big to keep a bottle from bouncing around too much.
I personally feel that I paid way too much money for this particular treadmill and should have not been so impatient to purchase one when I was out shopping. Learn to read reviews and do some homework.

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