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PST8 review

by Mark

My wife and I bought this heavy-duty treadmill second-hand. We then came to find out that it was a refurbished unit! We got a good deal on it, however, so we hoped for the best.

I must say that we've been very pleased with it. We've used it several times a week (at least during the winter months) for the past 4 years. We don't use the programs, but have used the incline up to 8% grade and the speed up to 8.5 MPH. So far, so good.

Here are the only issues we've faced:

1) The switch went bad. I think I managed to get a new one for $15 or so and installed it myself. Very easy.

2) During two of our summers, the machine would often veer from the instructions we gave it. We'd program in 6.3mph at 1% incline and it would just start changing this at random early on in the run. Very dangerous, actually! We literally were not able to use the treadmill during those periods. By fall, I'd give the motor compartment a good cleaning, jiggle all of the electrical connections to ensure a snug fit, and everything would be back to normal. We haven't seen this wacky behavior for a year and a half now. I still don't know if it was merely a loose connection, the summer humidity, or merely gremlins in the wiring!

Overall, however, this has been a great treadmill that has stood up to well over 7000 miles of use.

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