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Proform treadmill owner for five years-- they rock!

by Mary
(Dover, NH)

Not all of us can either afford to plop down 1500 bucks on a treadmill, and frankly I didn't want to, so I purchased the Proform XP 542e. This has run consistently since the day I bought it. It has incline control, a 2.75 HP motor, blah, blah... The point is--who are you a rep for to exclude an entire brand of treadmill on little or (actually) NO reasonable basis? Sorry, it is a very popular brand and has many loyal followers--me included.
Be a little bit more specific next time. You have the burden of proof in stating why ProForm should not be purhcased or why it is necessary to upsell yourself into a 1500 treadmill with the same guts as many lesser priced.
If you did your homework, id didn't show.

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