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Proform Personal Trainer 7.0

I bought this stuff at 50% off father's day promotional price at Sears last month.

I admitted that I could not expect much for this price level. Motor is powerful enough for me as a walker / mild jogger. It has a built-in speaker and USB charger, but the speakers are too weak, that I need to set the volume to maximum in order to override the treadmill noise.

Talking about the noise, it is quite quiet if you don't put your foot on the belt. Once you start to walk, you can hear the friction noise between the belt and deck, sounds like sanding your furniture, the faster the louder. You can even hear a high pitch motor noise when the speed is over 5 mph - that is still fine for me because I seldom walk that speed. The nightmare starts when I pressed the incline buttons. It is as noisy as mini airplane taking off. What I mean is you will surely miss out some conversation from the TV if the treadmill is inclining. My wife just goes down to the basement to watch from another TV everytime I'm using the treadmill.

I called the service to fix it, but they said the noise was normal. I also tried the same model in the shop and found the incline motor was very quiet compared with mine, the sales person explained that it was normal because my house is too small and creates a lot of echo. I tried another 10 year old treadmill in my friend's home (same size of my house) and the incline motor was surprisingly quiet. Then I went to another fitness equipment store to test one treadmill of about the same price, and the result was – quiet.

I called Icon service and they said "incline noise loud is normai", then I asked if it was normal for this model or normal for all treadmills, he replied that "for all treadmills". Finally he asked me to contact Sears for after service due to some sort of "agreement between Sears and Icon".

After several struggles with Sears, I was finally forced to pay 20% restocking charge (plus gst/pst) to return this nightmare machine. I said I was not informed of the return policy when they sold me the treadmill. The sales then pointed to the small wording that printed on my receipt "20% restocking applies".

I now have two conculsions:
1. Don't buy this model, if it is not the design problem, it should be the QC problem.

2. Don't buy from Sears, they earn only on "restocking charges".

3. Beware of the after service when you buy Icon products, their solgan is "bad things are always "normal"".

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