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Pro-Form 755 Crosstrainer

by Lenny D
(Wynnewood, PA)

This model was a replacement for a unit that I purchased, arrived damaged, but was discontinued and there was no exact replacement available. I requested a unit similar in price and fuction to my original purchase and this was the rep's suggestion. So I got it. Worked fine. I was running 4-6 miles per day. After 3 months, my miles increased to 6-8. Each time I would ran more than 7 miles, the treadmill came to a sudden and complete stop but never at exactly the same time/miles. This was a real surprise to me the first 2 times. So I called Pro Form 5 times and went through a series of diagnostics, ran tests and talked with various reps. No one had an answer. Last rep I spoke with said that this is supposed to happen as these treadmills are not made to run long distances. I thought that was odd, but it was a crosstrainer model so I thought she might be right. So I called again to request an exchange as this machine would not work out for me as my miles increased. I was told that it was past 90 days. So I spoke to a supervisor up a level or 2 in the customer returns department, and she basically told me there was nothing they can do as the unit was past 90 days and that there was no one else I could talk to and that no one who would return call if I left my number. She then said "this is the end of the line" thanks for calling. So now I manage my run in 5-6 mile segments, restarting the treadmill as to avoid that sudden and unexpected stop. I share this story with every runner that asks me about treadmills.

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