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old guy

by Jim

On December 22, 2007, I took delivery of a True ES9.0. I am pleased with both the treadmill and the service from Gym Source, the local True dealer. The treadmill features built in dual fans and a four (five?) speaker ipod-friendly stereo system. On the day of delivery, neither the fan nor the stereo functioned. A sales person from Gym Source immediately came to my home and made both operational after a few minutes. (Two electrical plugs had not been connected when the unit was assembled at the store.)

This is my third treadmill. The first was a Keys treadmill, purchased in 2000; the second an EVO purchased in 2004. The bearings on the Keys's front roller wore out. The Evo still works, but seems to have become louder and creakier with age. (But then, so have I.) The True ES9.0 is far quieter, smoother, and more comfortable. (And, of course, costlier.) Whether it stands up to my use and abuse better than the earlier purchases is too soon to tell.

I really like the Heart control feature, which adjusts both incline and speed in order to keep your heart rate within a few beats/minute of a selected number. (Give the treadmill your age, weight, and other data, and the treadmill will select a target heart rate for you -- and even give you a workout schedule for the next 25 weeks. I thought that was my wife's job.)

The built-in stereo, which I initially considered a silly, unnecessary trinket, is growing on me. The sound quality is quite good. And I appreciate not needing to deal with headphones and wires.

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