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Not So Elite - Horizon Elite 5.1T Treadmill

by Not Really Elite

Four motor control boards have burned up in 5 years. Also had to replace the belt and motor. The company does not service their own equipment, it is outsourced, so there is no incentive to make the product right other than $$$. For the replacement costs and time of use lost I should have bought another brand.

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Oct 25, 2014
Still having troubles with this unit? MCB #?
by: Anonymous

Hi There,

are you still having troubles with this unit and what is the control board part number you are using.

I may know why the continous failures.

Nov 26, 2013
TSR Findings
by: Physique

Hey there.
for all 3.1T and 5.1T Horizon Elite. Failing?

If your MCB is not lasting there is a couple of reasons. Here the two tests to try.

1. while standing on the treadmill try propel the Running belt. If you really need to lean into it. To get it to move. It will cause high amp spike to the MCB> and in turn this will shorten the life of the board. Replace Belt and Deck.

2. Do a auto calibration in eng2. if this does not take the upper control board is shot. And this will also cause the MCB to burn out also.

Good luck finding a replacement upper control board.

@Physique Fitness Stores
Edmonton, Ab.

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