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Not impressed with Smooth

by Tim
(Oceanside, CA)

I purchased a smooth 8.8 hrc to do serious training, as I run close to 4 minutes on the mile. The belt was much noisier than I was led to believe from the reviews, and I wore holes in it at just over 1000 miles. I did the preventive maintenance on the belt. I will say that I probably landed on the same spot a lot, but still, for the money, I thought it was going to be a gym quality unit. The deck made a popping noise soon after purchase, and it was replaced under warranty. The new deck made noise within the first year again. I went through three electrical circuit boards in 5 years. I paid for the last 2, 125 a pop. I eventually burned up the motor, and could've had it replaced, but it needed a belt and made deck noise anyway, so I just bought a cheap nordic trac from Costco(a true piece of crap, I might mention as well!) for 900 dollars. I just expected quieter and more gym quality durability for over 2,000.

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