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Norditrak EXP 1000 X

by Deborah J.Auen
(518 N. 2nd Ave.Logan,Iowa 51546)

This is my first expierience ever giving anything a bad rating. I usually don't do this but with this investment I am very unhappy. I always thought you get what you pay for, not so with this equipment. It's a high priced junk in mine and my husband's opinion. We would have been better off with the $300.00 store brand. This $1500.00 piece of equipment lasted ONE YEAR. I could have bought three of the cheapies and made them last for much more than a year for the same price. It makes me SICK as my husband is a TYPE 1 diabetic we figured this would be a GREAT investment to his HEALTH. Boy were we HIGHLY disappointed. It's nearly impossible to get them fixed(what a run around). Ours still sits out in the garage 8 months later with the burnt out motor. $1500.00 will get you people lots of gym memberships without the headache of repairs. Take my advise and just go do that. I wish someone could have warned me...GoodLuck!

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Mar 16, 2010
EXP 2000 series tredmill
by: Anonymous

Yes, expensive junk. Ours also lasted approx a year and looks like the motor also burnt out. Hell of a run around to get someone out to fix.

Nov 22, 2009
EXP 1000
by: Ashley

I agree...As I have the same broken treadmill:(

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