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NordicTrack any model

(Indiana, USA)

I purchased a treadmill from NordicTrack in January of 07. Before the year reached November, I had called it in for repairs 8 times. At that point I demanded that they repalce the machine. The people at NT refused to give me a different machine. In fact I was hung up on. I spent the next 3 hours on the phone complaining to anyone at NT that I could get on the phone. Finally I got to someone who would do something. This person said she would look into the problems I was having and make sure my treadmill was replaced with a treadmill which would stand up to my run. After waiting about a week I finally heard from NT. They were going to replace my treadmill. However, no one had done anything to find me a better model. I was given a new machine, but it was basicly the same model.

It's now March of 08 and I have already called in my "new" machine 2 times.

In the last year the treadmill has had several belts go out, the deck has broken 2 times, multiple undiagnosed squeeling noises, a ripped running belt, and a console which stopped working...

My advice is stay as far away from NordicTrack as you possibly can.

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