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NordicTrack A2550 Pro Treadmill

by B. Davis

I just recently purchased this specific treadmill to replace my older Pro Form model. I was looking for something similar to what I had, not needing many bells and whistles. I got this NordicTrack half off the suggested retail price directly from NordicTrack due to some sale they were promoting. Delivery was fast however the delivery company only places the LARGE box right in your front entry way. They won't take it further into the home for fear of damage to carpet or walls. The box was FILTHY which made me realize that I was going to have to somehow get this 300+ lb machine out of the box and into my room with the help of my 8 yr old kid (single parent). We managed surprisingly much to my shock but this machine is no doubt HEAVY. We ended up sliding the desk and base on its side into my room after removing all the parts for assembly. Assembly was less than pleasant. The directions were great and well explained however the bolts gave me more problem than I have ever experienced in the past with assembly. There were several times when I didn't think I was going to be successful in completely getting all the bolts fully into place. The bolt that holds the latch knob (the part that allows it to be folded up) still does not work properly which is rather dangerous. The deck is VERY HEAVY and could easily harm any person it could fall on. Ran on it today for the first time and that part at least feels pretty sturdy. I have iFit capability which I won't use but I do love how I can plug my ipod into the unit and the sound emits from speakers on the console. For half price I suppose this unit is not too bad. Would I do this again? Most likely I would pay to have assembly performed in my home. It was too frustrating to endure that again.

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